Casino in Czech Republic
USD 1.500.000,00
EUR 1.271.186,44
CZK 34.576.271,19
Tsjechie, Usti nad Laben, Discreet.
Casino in Czech Republic
Soort status: Actief
Type bedrijf: casino
Pand ID: HZ 2014 - 26
Transactie: (bedrijf) ter overname
Casino in het noorden van Tsjechie.
2014 - 26. casino in the czech republic.

the casino is situated right at the border between czech republic and germany, 40 kilometers from regional german capital city dresden.
the casino was established in the year 2005 and at the time being is equipped by 1 american roulette, 1 black jack, 4 texas holdem poker tables and 20 slot machines.

casino occupies area of 400 square meters. the price is including the building and 3000 square meters of land.

casino has valid government licence for all mentioned games, including texas holdem poker tournaments and any kind of slot machines.

asking price is $ 1.500.000, so about € 1.100.000,--


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